Dental health for teens

From junior high to early adulthood, here’s what teens need to know for a healthy mouth as they grow into adulthood.

Teen smiling
When do these special molars come in? And what happens if they need to come out?
Pro tips to take you from your first orthodontic visit to that exciting final reveal.
For fresh breath and healthy teeth, this is one daily step you should never skip. 

WATCH: Tips for a healthy mouth

Straight-up talk for teens who care about their teeth (and their total well-being).

  • Care and prevention
  • Special concerns
  • Nutrition

Top dental issues for teens

From orthodontia to mouth guards and more, here are 9 crucial concerns that teens and parents need to know about.

OMG, is my breath totally terrible?

What causes bad breath — and what you can do to make sure your mouth is clean, fresh and sweet every day. 

Safe ways to whiten your teeth

Looking to create an Insta-ready smile? Here are the healthiest ways to whiten your teeth (and keep them looking great over time). 

Are mouth piercings dangerous for teeth?

They’re one way to express your personal style, but piercings and tongue splitting can have a real impact on your dental health.

Why smoking totally bites

Using tobacco in any form makes your breath stink, but that’s just the start. It also hurts healthy bodies and ruins even the greatest smiles.

If you play sports, you need a mouthguard

How wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth from serious injuries – and how to find the right one for you.

9 foods that damage your teeth

Want a fabulously healthy smile for life? Here are the options you should never pile on your plate. 

Sparkling water and your smile

Nothing’s as good as plain water for your teeth, but studies show this bubbly option is actually a mouth-healthy choice. Here’s why.  

Best foods and drinks for dental health

How these mouth-healthy options nourish your smile from the inside out.