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Dental health for babies and kids

How to care for infant and toddler teeth and help school-age children build good habits early.

Child and infant hugging
Don’t invite tooth decay to your holiday party! Prevention tips for kids and families.
Research shows fluoride is safe for children —and a superhero in fighting cavities.
How dental sealants protect your child’s permanent teeth as they come in.

VIDEO: Brush along with Dudley

Dudley the Dinosaur and friends break down all the steps for creating healthful smiles.

  • Care and prevention
  • Seeing the dentist
  • Nutrition

“Hey, my tooth is wiggling!”

Get ready for the Tooth Fairy with these helpful charts, which show when your child may begin to lose teeth and when permanent ones will appear. 

All about baby teeth

When to expect your little one’s first teeth — and why keeping them healthy protects adult teeth, too. 

Breastfeeding and your baby’s mouth

Good news: breastfeeding is good for your little one’s dental health. Here are 6 essential points that nursing parents need to know. 

Help! My kid hates to brush!

Motivating children to care for their teeth can be a real challenge. Explore positive ways to get them brushing without struggles and tears. 

When it’s time for a sippy cup

Mouth-healthy perspectives on which training cup to choose and which drinks can prevent (or promote) tooth decay. 

Thumb-sucking, pacifiers and your child’s teeth

Little ones soothe by sucking. But for good dental health, eventually they need to leave this habit behind. Here’s how you can help.

Your baby’s first dental visit

As soon as baby teeth appear, cavities can develop too. Here’s when to schedule your child’s first dental appointment and what to expect. 

Paying for your child’s dental care

Visiting the dentist can be expensive, especially if you don’t have access to dental insurance. Here are resources that can help. 

Should you choose a pediatric dentist?

Why a dentist with specialized training in caring for children may be a great choice for your family. 

5 questions for back-to-school dental visits

Here’s what to discuss with your dentist as your child returns to school, sports and more. 

Sedation and anesthesia for kids

Questions to ask if your dentist suggests these medications to  minimize pain or calm your child during dental treatment.

Healthy diet, healthy teeth

Teeth play a starring role in helping kids speak, chew, smile and so much more. Follow these nutrition tips to give babies and kids a healthy start.

6 ways to cut back on added sugar

Sugar feeds tooth decay and other health issues, but kids love it. Here’s how to reduce their intake while keeping things tasty and fun.

Yikes! Is a little holiday candy okay?

Here’s how to offer kids some of the holiday treats they love without boosting their risks for more cavities in the New Year. 

Preventing baby bottle tooth decay

Your baby’s first teeth play a role in helping adult teeth come in correctly. Protect them with these simple steps. 

Sweet drinks that can harm your child’s teeth

Which drinks are healthy for your child’s teeth and gums — and which ones should you skip?