6 MouthHealthy Holiday Snacks (That Are Almost Too Cute to Eat)

Sweet as the holidays may be, sugar-packed treats can wreak havoc on your pearly whites. This season, ring in the festivities with healthy and fun holiday snack options that fill your mouth with joy.

Egg Snowmen

Three decorated snowmen on a plate

These adorable snowmen — made with hard-boiled eggs, carrots and peppercorns — will melt your heart before melting in your mouth. Eggs are a source of Vitamin D, which is needed to help absorb, carry and deposit calcium in the bone that supports your teeth. Carrots — which are crunchy, firm and full of water — help to scrub your teeth clean like a natural toothbrush.

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Spinach Artichoke Frittata Trees

MouthHealthy Holiday Nutrition Christmas tree frittata

You won’t need to cut down on these trees! Dairy products like milk contain calcium, eggs are a source of Vitamin D and leafy greens like spinach are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. (Just be sure to floss before flashing a smile beneath the mistletoe!)

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Black Olive Penguins

MouthHealthy holiday nutrition penguins made of olives and cream cheese

These penguins will waddle their way into your heart — especially because they’re filled with cream cheese, which has calcium.

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Cheesy Reindeer

MouthHealthy holiday nutrition reindeer made of cheese wedge and pretzels

Rich in calcium, cheese is always a MouthHealthy favorite. To get perfectly round eyes and noses, the author of this recipe used a juice box-sized straw to cut round pieces of black olive and a larger straw for the red pepper nose.

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Pita Tree Appetizers

MouthHealthy Nutrition Holiday Trees

The low-fat sour cream in this recipe is a source of vitamin D, which strengthens bones and teeth.

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Grinch Poppers

MouthHealthy Holiday Grinch Poppers

Be good for goodness sake to your teeth with these Grinch Poppers. For a healthier and more MouthHealthy alternative, swap the sugary and sticky marshmallow for another piece of banana.

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