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7 Tooth-Friendly Halloween Treats

Infographic describing what dentists give out for Halloween

Do dentists give out candy for Halloween? You’d be surprised how many do! The American Dental Association asked dentists what they give trick-or-treaters each year, and most of them—76 percent—say they hand out some type of candy. Some paired their candy with a reminder to brush and even a toothbrush.

Halloween celebrations might look a little different this year, but many of us will still enjoy a sweet treat or two. However, many people choose to give something other than candy, whether it be for health reasons or allergy awareness. If you're looking for sugar-free Halloween handouts, here are some frightfully fun treats that aren’t terrors for teeth.

Glow in the dark bracelets for trick-or-treating

Things That "Glow" Bump In the Night

Little ones scared of the dark? Light up the night by handing out glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces in place of sugary treats. In addition to being a fun add-on for the kids’ costumes, they’ll also help parents keep track of their little ghouls.

Bottled water bottles for trick-or-treating

Trick-or-Treating Thirst Quenchers

Running from house to house in a heavy monster suit is thirsty work! Offer your trick-or-treaters small bottles of water to wash away any sugar they might be snacking on between houses. (Some bottled water brands contain fluoride, which can help fight cavities. Check the label or contact the company to see if it’s in the bottles you buy.)

Sugarless gum for trick-or-treating

Sweet, Without the Sugar

Here’s one treat that’s actually good for your teeth! (Just make sure to check with parents before handing it out that they are old enough to chew gum.) Research shows that chewing sugarfree gum after meals, or after chowing down on Halloween candy, stimulates saliva production, which helps prevent cavities. Look for one with the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Child wearing spider ring


Keep the fun going long after Halloween with these non-edible treats! You can buy small toys like kazoos, yo-yos, bouncy balls, monster finger puppets and other goodies in bulk online or in discount stores. Or add to your trick-or-treaters’ costumes with inexpensive accessories like plastic spider rings, vampire teeth or pirate eye patches.

Happy Halloween stamp

Stamps (or Stickers!) of Approval

Spooky stickers and pre-inked stamps let kids leave their mark on just about anything. Pair them with copies of this downloadable brushing calendar so they can celebrate National Brush Day on Nov. 1 as they brush away the sugar left behind by the rest of their trick-or-treating haul.

Temporary tattoos for trick-or-treating

A Disappearing Act

Give your little visitors some (soon-to-be-invisible) ink this year. Look for Halloween-themed designs like pumpkins, ghosts and witches.

Halloween pencils for trick-or-treating

On-Point Pencils

Pencils with a festive design—not those boring yellow ones—and erasers shaped like pumpkins or ghosts are a fun and useful treat kids can take to school after the Halloween fun is over.

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