Join the Tooth Team!

February is National Children's Dental Health Month! Become part of the Tooth Team, and use the posters and activity sheets below, supported by the ADA and Crest + Oral-B, to teach the little ones in your life about caring for their teeth. 

Downloadable Posters

Picture of NCDHM 2018 Poster in English

           8.5"x11"/ Letter Size
           Download Flyer

           12"x18" / Poster Size

           Download Poster

Fun Activity Sheets for Kids

Picture of NCDHM 2018 Crossword in English

Crossword Activity (PDF)

Picture of 2018 Coloring Activity in English

  Coloring Sheet (PDF)

Picture of NCDHM 2018 Brushing Calendar in English Brushing Calendar (PDF)

Picture of NCDHM 2018 Connect the Dots Activity in EnglishConnect The Dots Activity (PDF)