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Cleanadent Paste

Dr. B Dental Solutions
ADA Seal Statement 
"The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs Acceptance of Cleanadent Paste is based on its finding that the product is safe and has shown efficacy in cleaning removable prostheses, when used as directed."
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Brief Description of Product, Indications and Directions for Use 
  • ​Helps clean removable prostheses
  • Directions: For best results, use twice daily (morning and night), especially after meals.
    • To Clean Mouth: Remove dentures. Rinse with warm water. Add Cleanadent™ to soft toothbrush. Gently brush gums, tongue and around implants or locators (if applicable). Do Not Swallow. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    • To Clean Dentures, Partials, Implant-Bridges and Overdentures: Remove dentures. Add Cleanadent™ to a soft toothbrush. Hold firmly and brush all surfaces well. Clean dentures over a sink containing water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    • For Best Results: Soak dentures daily with Cleanadent™ Liquid Crystals in the Dr. B Sonic Cleaner to help clean, disinfect and deodorize.
Active Ingredients:

Inactive Ingredients:

​Calcium carbonate, glycerin, purified water, sorbitol, hydrated silica, sodium lauryl sulfate, cellulose gum, titanium dioxide, flavor, sodium saccharin, menthol, coconut oil, tea tree leaf oil, tocopheryl acetate, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, aloe vera gel

Company Information 
Additional information about the product, including whether coupons or promotions are available, is available on the company's web site.
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