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How Your Family Can Celebrate Oral Health Month

 Mom high fives son at dentist

Share More Time, Share More Smiles

School may be out for summer, but your child’s best teacher is working year-round: You!

Leading by example — especially when it comes to establishing healthy habits like brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist — can make a big difference in the health and happiness of your entire family.

That’s why we are celebrating Oral Health Month: Share More Time, Share More Smiles with Colgate this June. Here are two ways you can join in and make a difference:
  1. Watch, read, play and share the resources below with your entire family. Their smiles will thank you!
  2. Snap a photo of you and your family taking care of your teeth. (We'd love to see you brushing together, flossing as a family and making your regular dental visits a special day!) Then, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ using #TimetoSmile. Colgate will donate $1 (up to $40,000) to Give Kids A Smile, a program of the ADA Foundation that provides dental health care to underserved children.


 Baby showing his teeth

What to expect when your baby's teeth start coming in

 Child receives her first dental visit

When to schedule your child's first dental visit

 Girl brushes teeth as mom looks on

How to teach your child to brush
(and have fun at the same time!)


 Colgate spokeswoman Karla Martinez

How Oral Health Month spokeswoman Karla Martinez cares for her family's smiles

 Child getting his teeth cleaned

It's not too early for a back-to-school visit: 8 secrets to make it successful

 Amount of toothpaste kids should use

How much toothpaste should your child be using? (And more of your questions, answered!)


6 ways to cut back on sugary snacking at home


 Defeat monster mouth activity sheets

Defeat Monster Mouth!

 Sugar Wars activity sheets

Fight decay on the USS SugarSwatter

 Blank Tooth Fairy door

Design a Tooth Fairy door


 Brushing chart

Monthly brushing chart (PDF)

 Smile certificate

Healthy smile certificate (PDF)

Dental Care Resources

 Map with GPS pin

Find an ADA dentist in your area


Dental clinics and other resources for your child

 ADA Seal of Acceptance

Find the right ADA Seal products
for your family

Oral Health Month Is Also Supported By:

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