ADA Seal Product Report

Fresh Guard Soak

Medtech Products Inc., a Prestige Brands Company
ADA Seal Statement 
"The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs’ Acceptance of Fresh Guard Soak is based on its finding that the product is effective for use in cleaning removable prostheses, when used as directed."
Product Image 
Image: Fresh Guard Soak
Basis for Acceptance 
A company earns the ADA Seal for its product by providing evidence that the product is safe and effective. The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs carefully evaluates the evidence according to the Guidelines for Participation in the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance Program.  In addition, there is a specific guideline for this product category called Cleansers for Removable Prostheses which includes, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Tests showing that cleanser will not adversely affect appliances and their component materials under conditions of actual use.
  • Clinical studies demonstrating that the cleanser does not affect the oral tissues and effectively removes stains.
Brief Description of Product, Indications and Directions for Use 

Specially formulated to clean:

  • Mouth Guards

  • Retainers

  • Clear Braces

Kills 99.9% of the odor-causing bacteria

Removes build-up of mouth film

Reduces yellowing and stains

All without causing damage to retainers, mouthguards and clear removable braces.
Use as directed.

No persulfates


  • Take a clean, empty container (e.g. plastic cup or a glass) and fill with enough warm water to fully submerge the device.
  • Then tear open one packet and pour contents into the water. The solution will foam up and turn blue.
  • Place your retainer, mouthguard, removable braces or even your plastic case, in the effervescing solution.
  • Soak for 5 minutes. The solution will start to turn clear when it’s ready. Remove your device and rinse thoroughly. Do not soak for more than ten minutes.

Note: When using this product for the first time, any significant build-up of mouth film may take more than one cleaning to remove. Once cleaned to desired level, regular use of Fresh Guard™ by Efferdent™ will prevent further build-up. Some stains or discolorations, however, may be permanent, particularly on older  devices.

Label Warnings 
Keep out of reach of children.  Do not put powder or solution directly in mouth.
Company Information 
Additional information about the product, including whether coupons or promotions are available, is available on the company's web site.
Medtech Products Inc., a Prestige Brands Company 90 North Broadway Irvington, NY 10533 Ph: 940 524 8700